My Sunday Photo – Saving The Bees

So in the blogging world I’m starting to discover that sharing a photo of something that has happened on your Sunday, or picking a great photo to share on a Sunday, is very popular. As such, here is my effort:

Bush Filled With Bees!
Bush Filled With Bees

This is a bush outside my house. Why on earth am I sharing a photo of a bush outside my house? Well, this bush buzzes, and I mean it really buzzes. There’s a real hum about the place, and that’s because it’s filled with bees. Absolutely loads of bees. With this bush alone we are saving the bee population of Yorkshire.

There’s a real campaign around bees and saving wild bees. They have a massive beneficial effect on the environment, including pollinating millions of plants every single day.

We’ve often considered massively cutting this down, or massively trimming it. I don’t even know what type of plant this is (I’m really not green fingered, our rear garden has nothing alive in it whatsoever!). Now however we want to keep it to help the bees.

Why does this matter in particular? Why is it relevant to my blog? For me this is one example of being socially and environmentally aware, and thus is something we are keen to make sure N develops. Recycling, helping people, helping the environment, reduce waste. All this good stuff is important for the next generation to know about to make the world a better place than they find it.


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