Dad Blog Posts of the Week – 1st June 2018

Once again I’ve been reading though a lot of blogs this week when I got time (being a new parent and working full time!) and here is my round up of some of my favourites.

Parenting Advice From The Childless

Blogger: Dad and Buried

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This is a funny read of one Dad having a bit of a rant and releasing some frustration at the childless adults that have given him advice on raising his children. I’ve not received such advice myself, but having been around people with kids for long before we had N it did make me wonder if I ever fell into this trap! Oops!

Anyway, take a read and see what you think. I get the impression someone gave this Dad some advice that set him off!

5 Gross Things I Didn’t Think I’d Do Before Becoming A Dad

Blogger: The DADventurer

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Not always with a tissue!
Not always with a tissue!

This is so true, it’s quite something the things you have to do or put up with that anyone without a child would think are horrendous. However, as a parent you just get stuck in, do it and don’t really care. Anyway for me, in terms of these five:

  1. Not done
  2. Not done (yet…it’s only a matter of time)
  3. Yes, done this one with a snotty N
  4. No – I struggle to see myself doing this one!
  5. Not yet…but it’s probably going to happen at some point!

There you go, you’ve got my answers now go take a look and see what your answers are…

8 Reasons Why I’m Glad My Kid Doesn’t Sleep Through The Night

Blogger: Father-Hood

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Well I read this title and thought “you must be crazy”! I struggle to think of any benefits of having to get up multiple times in the night. It’s something you do of course, if you need to, but you wouldn’t choose it. This Dad though has tried to look on the bright side, to find some positives which I think is a great way to look at it.

When you read through his reasons I can understand where he is coming from in them all. I’m going to take some hints from number seven and think number three is great. What are your thoughts, any ring true for you?

Carseats and Seatbelts

Blogger: How to Daddoo

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Kiddy Evoluna i-Size Carseat
Kiddy Evoluna i-Size Carseat

This Dad and his family have been in a car accident. Judging by his description and the picture it was a pretty bad one to be fair. Thankfully he has said the children are all ok and the parents have some injuries but they would have ben worse other than due to seatbelts. So this post is a plea to remind everyone to wear seatbelts, buy the right and best child seats and ensure they are used properly. You can see the car seat we bought here which is one of the best from a safety point of view.

Buy right. Use right.

Five Everyday Things I’ve Never Done Before

Blogger: Diary of the Dad

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This Dad has said he is coming up to 40 and wants to make a list of 40 things he would like to do before that fateful birthday. Some of these were quite emotive for me when I read them as I’ve particularly enjoyed them. The second one…what? You’ve not seen them all? Really? The last one – you must read those books, they’re great. I remember getting 1-4 one Christmas as a teenager, not thinking much of them as I’d never heard of them, then reading them all in about three days. They’re addictive. Get reading!

Have you not done any of these five things? Go have a look…

There You Have It…

If you see any good posts let me know.

If you would like to see my last post summarising Dad blog posts just click here.

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