Dad Blog Posts of the Week – 11th May 2018

I’ve written a few posts this week which seem to be focused around medical issues for some reason, such as caring for babies in the sun, vaccinations and cradle cap. Bit of a theme there! No idea why. However, I’ve also read quite a few, and here are some good ones I’ve read this week from other dad bloggers.

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 129

Blogger: DIY Daddy

It had to be a picture of N and myself!
It had to be a picture of N and myself!

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Well I couldn’t really let this one go without saying it’s one of my favourite blog posts of the week now could I since it’s all about me. Some really interesting questions were asked that made me think a lot before answering.

It’s great to be included in such a feature, so thanks for including me!

Take a read, see what you think and what your answers would be to the questions?

The Importance of Date Night

Blogger: Triplet Dad

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It’s so important to find time whenever possible to spend it with each other to keep your relationship going. Having a baby changes your home life so much, and your focus on each other will diminish, of that I have no doubt. A baby has so many constant demands, it’s impossible to keep the same level of attention on the two of you. However, in time those demands become more predictable, they sleep in more of a pattern, and you even get time back in the evening when they go to bed. Just do those special things together as much as you can, like date night. This post is all about that. It’s a good read, have a look…

Re-Learning My Mathematics

Blogger: Thirsty Daddy

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I’m a data analyst. I’m sure if certain people read this they’ll say “you do more than that Kev” which is true, but without going into details that’s a simple way to look at it. As such, one of the things I’ve thought about is how I can help N with things like his maths in the future. Therefore seeing a post about one Dad trying to do that caught my attention. It was interesting to see that the model they were using was one I’ve never seen before! Oh no! Hopefully it’s just a US method of learning or I’ll be doing a lot of learning myself!

Baby Swimming Versus Toddler Swimming

Not N but you get the point!
Not N but you get the point!

Blogger: The DADventurer

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N has been swimming a few times now, firstly on our holiday in Center Parcs and more recently in swimming classes. He seems to be enjoying it, and even didn’t mind being dunked under the water too much. I’ll be writing a post about his first four months and include a bit more on this in there. As such, this intrigued me, how the progress of babies swimming and becoming toddlers swimming.

It’s an interesting read and very relevant to me!

Positive Parenting Challenge Part 2

Blogger: Three Time Daddy

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I wrote in my post about my Dad goals how I wanted to be supportive and not pushy, and part of this is about being positive in my approach to parenting when N is older (well, actually why not start now!). As such, it’s useful to see how other parents have got on with it. I wouldn’t expect to succeed all the time of course, but hopefully more often than not! Here’s a great read about how one Dad got on with it. 

There You Have It…

If you see any good posts let me know.

If you would like to see my last post summarising Dad blogs just click here.

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