Three Months In And He’s Doing Well!

So we are at the big three months now. This is the end of the fourth trimester as we were told. The point at which all the crying, the bad sleeps and everything else bad about the first three months comes to an end.

If that sounds like your experience then jump to the first section and whatever you do don’t read the next line.

We have had none of that (well, very little!).


He Is Sleeping So Well!
He Is Sleeping So Well!

Sorry everyone, but he’s amazing. I’m writing this whilst giving him his last bottle of the day and about to put him down to sleep so I’m sure this will backfire after I put this, but he sleeps so well. I wrote a poem called An Ode To Sleep some time ago and N must have read it as he is now sleeping through from 10:30pm until 9am. Amazing!

We started getting him in a bedtime routine early on; bath, milk, nappy, story, bed. I don’t know if it’s this, the Next2Me cot or just him, but something is working! I don’t think we could ask for anything better in this regard.

Long may it continue!


This boy loves smiling, and I mean smiling a lot, and without much effort from us. Just look at him, smile and talk in a high pitched (for me anyway) voice and he will start smiling. It’s so easy.

He loves this!
He loves this!

He has started looking at toys more than he has in the past and he is trying to grab some (successfully at times). It’s great to be able to play with him more and see him smile while you do so. We’ve got a number of toys but I think his favourite is this baby Einstein item. He loves the lights and sounds! He also likes his play gym, especially the music the elephant plays.

We are putting him on his front sometimes to help his development and see if he wants to turn over. He did turn over after two weeks but hasn’t really done it since. Maybe he just doesn’t want to!

We also recently went on our first holiday with N too which was amazing, including going swimming with him (well, sitting on a pool floor and holding him!). We also went to Bletchley Park and Woburn Safari Park with him. It’s great to see how he reacts to things like baby sensory and swimming, lovely to see him enjoying himself.


He has had two sets of jabs so far and after both he has reacted really well. He hasn’t liked the injections at the time (who does!) but a quick cuddle for a few minutes and he has been absolutely fine. He has slept well after both.

He has a bit of cradle cap but not too much. We’ve tried a baby comb that we’ve been using for a few weeks. The cradle cap does seem to be a bit better to be fair, but whether that’s just due to time or the brush who knows!

Likes and Dislikes


  • Smiling, especially if you smile at him
  • Getting his nappy changed (yes he does, he smiles at you while you do it!)
  • Having his formula (8oz)
  • His playgym
  • Sleeping at night (yay!)
  • Baby Einstein music toy
  • Being carried while you walk
  • Sitting up
  • Sleeping on us, particularly Clare
  • Watching anything on TV


  • Not having his bottle immediately when he wants it!
  • Lying down for a cuddle in your arms (but he likes to sleep on us!)
  • Being cold
  • Lack of attention
  • Being put down for a sleep
  • Hiccups – oh how he hates hiccups!


In summary N is doing really well. I often get asked how he is doing so I respond by saying he is great, eating and importantly sleeping well, though I feel a bit sheepish in replying as I know the challenges some have had! If you’re one of those parents, sorry!

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