Wandering at Woburn Safari Park

So many animals at Woburn Safari Park!
So many animals at Woburn Safari Park!

We went to Woburn Safari Park on Clare’s birthday this year during our time away on holiday at Woburn Forest Center Parcs. This was during our first holiday with N.

Woburn Safari Park is a basically a zoo with an area you walk around and an area you drive around. Or as they call it a foot Safari and a car Safari. The foot Safari area has the more smaller animals and the car Safari area has the bigger animals.

It’s fairly similar to Knowsley Safari Park (read my review here) if you’ve ever been there.

Woburn Safari – Foot Safari

It was a bit of a murky day when we turned up at Woburn Safari Park. We had an issue with the tyres on our car which was a pain, so once I got that sorted we were able to go enjoy our day out.

First stop, baby changing room (of course!). Right next to the car park so very handy. It was a large room with a toilet and changing space so a great set up.

There was a lot of otters!
There was a lot of otters!

We then went along to the animals. We started with the otters. There were quite a few of them and most importantly they were out! Mostly when we go places to see otters you can never see them!

We then went straight along to the penguins naturally. I’ve mentioned before that my wife is a massive fan of penguins so we headed over there. It is quite hilly though with some relatively steep slopes which could be a bit of an issue with a wheelchair or heavy pram. We got there eventually though and saw the penguins swimming. Clare got N out of his bassinet and showed him the penguins. He seemed to smile so we are taking it that he likes them!

Afterwards we had a bit of a wander and a sit down (with some birthday cake as it was Clare’s birthday!) on a giant wooden Ark. Inside the ark was a large soft play area for kids, and I mean large. Kids would love it!

Following that we headed back to the car via a few other animals including meerkats which we love to see anywhere we go. We went into the shops which was actually pretty good. We bought a few things for N and one or two items for Clare.

Car Safari

It’s a large car Safari area which is great. The terrain is good and a bit hilly which is good as it gives you different perspectives, and the paddocks are huge, I mean really huge! I like it when I see a zoo (or similar) where the animals have a lot of space, it makes me happy to think they have a lot of room to run around.

They have a wide range of animals including giraffes (that you can get very close to), elephants, zebras (which ran right across our path!), lions, tigers, wolves and bears. Indeed I was told by someone in Center Parcs (where we were staying) that a wolf and bear were having a stand off next to his car before a park ranger came in their Land Rover to break them up!


Parking is really good with a number of disabled spaces for example. It’s right next to the foot Safari area which is great. The changing facilities we saw were fab. Very spacious and clean and available for both parents.

We did see a couple of food places but didn’t get chance to go into either.

It’s £24.99 for an adult entry on the door and £17.99 for a child. It is quite expensive to be fair, especially when a lot of the time you’re in a car. Is it worth it? Not bad for us as N is too young for us to pay but two adults being nearly £50 is a lot. As a one off it’s not bad but I think it’s too much to go again.


I would certainly recommend going here without a doubt as we had a fab day, but the price is too much in my opinion to go back too frequently. I suspect it’s to do with the cost of land the further south you go and the size of the area.

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