Valentine’s Day With A Newborn

So 14th February 2018 marked our first ever Valentine’s Day as a family of three. I and Clare have been together for about 15 years (in fact it will be 15 years on 23rd Feb) so we’ve had many such occasions for just the two of us.

We’ve Always Enjoyed Valentine’s Day

With it being just the two of us for a long time we’ve always found time outside of Valentines Day to show how much we care for each other. We are firm believers in the fact that it shouldn’t take one day per year to show you love someone. However, we do like Valentine’s Day as you both have a particular day to focus your attention on. Sometimes we go out, at other times we stay in and cook. It has varied quite a bit in the past.

Valentine’s Day 2018

Now however with a newborn things have changed. We can’t as easily just go out. We are both knackered having had little sleep. N has his bedtime routine we are trying out. All in all it makes things difficult.

But not impossible.

This year we bought an M&S Valentine’s Day meal. Starter, main, dessert and chocolates, plus some bubbly. All for £20 it’s not bad! Damn tasty too!

Then, as a present to each other we’ve booked to eat at Fazenda, a local meat restaurant, at the weekend. I think they call themselves Brazilian but in my head it’s just loads of meat on skewers brought to your table (with a few non meat items in a buffet format). Spot on for me!


Surprise Valentine's Day Presents for Clare!
Surprise Valentine’s Day Presents for Clare!

We said we weren’t going to buy gifts this year and we would go to Fazenda instead. Yeah right!

I prepared a goodie bag of treats, and even a Valentine’s Day vest for N! Chocolates, smelly stuff and some favourite sweets.

It seemed to go down well!!


Tailored Cakes and Bakes Valentine's Cakes!!
Tailored Cakes and Bakes Valentine’s Cakes!!

I also got some cakes made by Tailored Cakes and Bakes as shown in the photo. I’ve had cakes made by them before now and it was amazing, and these are equally as fantastic. Take a look at their Facebook page for any future events you have.


Overall we’ve had a really nice Valentine’s Day and still have Fazenda to look forward to. The secret bags of presents went down well!

Sadly, N decided last night that he would wake at 2am and not let us sleep. After a bit of bubbly this was particularly difficult! My ‘Ode to Sleep‘ has never felt so appropriate!

How did you spend yours with a newborn?

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