Two Weeks In And All Is Good

So we are two weeks in of N being here and what a time we’ve had! He is a star and we continue to be over the moon with him.


He's a pretty good sleeper
He’s a pretty good sleeper

N is a pretty good sleeper. In fact at some points at first he was almost too good as we have had to sometimes wake him up to feed. He has been signed off by the midwife now as he has got back to his original weight (and then some) so we don’t have to wake him during the night now. At night the only time he wakes up is when he is hungry which is fab for us. He does ‘gristle’ at some times when he is going to sleep but only with those “oh listen to those cute noises” type sounds.

This is of course every night other than when I’m going back to work. The first night back in work and he thought it would be clever to keep Mummy awake, who then had to wake Daddy to feed him at 2:45am as she was too tired to be safe. Then he took until 4:30 to get back to sleep. Little terror!


Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine
Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

To be honest N has struggled at first with feeding due to his tongue-tie.

Our initial plan was breast feeding but he wouldn’t latch due to the tongue-tie. He did try hard bless him but you could see him getting frustrated, and it was similarly frustrating for Clare and I. Clare was trying to pump as I was using a cup to feed N, but it just wasn’t relaxing or pleasurable for any of us and was bringing us all down due to stress. Having made the decision to move to formula we are so much more relaxed and enjoying feeding time. Now he is doing much better and guzzling his milk.


He has enjoyed play time!
He has enjoyed play time!

Clearly as he is two weeks old he isn’t really playing much. We’ve been doing some tummy time though for a minute per day to help him strengthen his neck.

We’ve also started playing on his play gym. Lying him on his back with some music playing and having him ‘dance’ by moving his feet, legs and hands is something we like to do with him, and he makes noises suggesting he enjoys it which is lovely.


We were pretty prepared...
We were pretty prepared…

I think we were probably about 90% prepared in terms of the items we have had to buy. The remaining 10% is primarily due to us changing our feeding plans from breast feeding to formula. Given that we have Amazon Prime however we’ve been quite easily able to get hold of the new things we needed, like a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine. This is one of the key things I’ve learned during my two weeks Paternity Leave – be as prepared as possible (my key learns during those two weeks are here).


The first two weeks have gone so quickly and have been such a steep learning curve for us and for N. It has been incredibly positive all round though and we are absolutely besotted with him.

If you’re expecting or have just had a little bundle of joy I hope you have a fantastic first two weeks (and beyond!).

What do you remember most about the first two weeks of your little one being born?

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  1. Hey Kevin, lovely read! The thing I remember most about the first 2 weeks of my daughters life is that even though there are times you won’t be able to sleep, there are also times you won’t want to. I spent countless hours staring at her feed and aleep, taking in all the magic of the moment. Like you said, you will never get this time back. Keep up the good work!

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