First Meal Out

Five Guys

So today we went for our first meal out. Very exciting! I thought I’d capture this so N knows where he went first and the items we took in the baby bag.

Clare has been recovering really well from her section so we figured we should get out the house a bit while we have plenty of time and this was where she chose to go.

Five Guys

Five Guys DrinkThis was something Clare had been craving for a while. Not that we are massive on burgers but Five Guys do a great burger with a variety of toppings which suits us down to the ground.

Packing up the bag for our first meal out and getting ready to leave was a bit of a military mission. Trying to remember and think of everything we could possibly need was interesting given we could be out for a while.

Our bag of essentials included:

  • Car seat
  • Pram chassis
  • Car seat to pram chassis connectors
  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Changing mat
  • Nappy bags
  • Formula
  • Muslins
  • Bib
  • Bottles
  • Change of clothes
  • Various items for my wife
  • Plus a bag to carry it all!

Quite the military operation, and I’m sure we’ve forgotten some things!

As it turns out N was asleep the ENTIRE time so we didn’t need anything extra for him!

Homeward bound

Done now and on our way home. It was really nice to get out and about a bit rather than being cooped up, especially for Clare. I’m impressed that Clare managed to get out actually so soon after having the section. She is doing so well which is fab to see.

Back home now probably to have a kip after N decided last night was the time to demand attention. Funnily enough though you just don’t care if you don’t sleep enough!

Can you remember your first meal out after having your baby? Where did you go and why?

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