I Became a Daddy Today!

Today I became a Daddy!

Today I became a Daddy to N. He was born at 11:20 am through a C-section and weighed 6lb 8.5 oz, and he’s a little gem!

It's a boy!
It’s a boy!

It seems to have taken such a long time to get to this day of becoming a Daddy, and it has not been an easy pregnancy for my wife, not by any stretch of the imagination. Now however, our little bundle of joy is here. The whole procedure went well but was quite traumatic. Mum and baby are doing fine on their ward.

I think it must be so strange for a baby to be born, especially by a c-section. I imagine it’s like when you’re fast asleep and someone walks in and turns the light on and all you want to do is hide under the duvet. Only this time you’ve no idea what light is, you’re being pulled on by an unknown person into a room with unknown people with unknown things. I can completely understand why N came out crying a little bit. However, N calmed down very quickly and was amazingly alert and watchful, even in the theatre. Thus far he has been mostly sleeping or staring at our faces. He’s a little legend!

Argh, what on earth is that! I was sleeping! Go away and leave me alo…. woah, who’s that? Get off me! Put me back in, put me back in! I was warm in there! Let me go!

Hang on, this is quite warm and nice in this towel. Who’s that? I recognise that voice, and that one. I’ll just stare at this person with glasses as he seems nice. He’s calling himself Daddy. Hmm, I feel a bit calmer now…

Life will never be the same again…

Looking good in scrubs
Looking good in scrubs

In those first few moments you go through such a dramatic shift in yourself. Not just because you’ve had a baby and become a Daddy, but because of the emotional ties you now have to this whole other person. Everyone says that there’s no love quite like it, and I think that’s true. It’s different from the love for your parents, partner and siblings. It’s all encompassing, mesmerising almost. Then you catch yourself and realise what’s still going on in the theatre but almost immediately get distracted by the baby again. The rest of the time in theatre (the “sewing up”) absolutely flew past for myself and my wife. Never known time pass quite so quickly!

Oh what’s happening now? I was comfy there! Oh I’m on this person now. They’re comfy too, and these hugs are nice. She is calling herself Mummy.

I recognise that voice too. I think I’d like to stay here a while!

Best Hospital Staff Ever!

I have to say that the hospital have been amazing and every single member of staff has been fantastic without exception. We’ve been made to feel so comfortable and as relaxed as possible (even if that’s not relaxed at all sometimes!).

Also, I’ve been allowed to stay over in the hospital which is great for Clare and N, and for me. I’m aware of a number hospitals that don’t allow that which is a shame. It is not comfortable at all trying to sleep in the hospital chair, but I don’t care.

Special moments

Cutting the cord
Cutting the cord

There were a number of special things that happened after N was born, including:

  • That first hug and staring into his eyes in the theatre
  • Being the first person he saw
  • The first time my wife held him
  • The first feed
  • Meeting the grandparents
  • I named a star after him
  • Tucking him in for the night
  • Realising you’ve just become a Daddy!

Really too many to mention. If I said them all you’d be hear for hours reading it!

End of the day…

Tired now. The massive surge of adrenaline pumping through you before and during the surgery is immense. The most I’ve ever felt to be honest, never felt so nervous. Then about an hour after N was born the adrenaline starts to wear off and you feel empty of energy. Completely drained. That’s both for myself and Clare. You just keep going though as you just don’t care!

So now we need to try and sleep. Probably won’t get any but we can’t wait to see what adventures we have tomorrow!

What was your first day like? Did you have a section or natural birth? What’s your overriding memory of that day?

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