Privacy and Cookie Notice

Here at Bringing Home The Baby I take data privacy very seriously and will only use any data we collect for the purpose of administering the site for you, enhancing your website experience or to send you the newsletter (if you have signed up to receive it), but more on that shortly.

The key principles for me are:

  • I take your data privacy very seriously. Only the very minimum amount of data is collected and used in any way
  • Any data is stored for the minimum amount of time possible
  • I aim for full transparency on how your data is used

Bringing Home The Baby uses something called WordPress in order to do things like write posts and upload them, and generally administer this site. In essence, a WordPress site usually (I’d say almost 100% of the time) uses a plug in or a number of plug ins to run the site. A plug in is an add on that’s loaded into WordPress to help run the site. This site for example does use a variety of plug ins to assist in the user experience or to assist me in managing and running the site. Some of these plug ins do utilise data, but all of which I have contacted and ensured they are GDPR compliant.

Specifically the data used/collected is as follows:

  • For the purposes of website statistics and troubleshooting, your IP is collected by a plug in called JetPack, along with the time and date you visited and the pages you visited. This collected data is stored on server logs which are well secured and no leak is possible without proper access. Access logs are stored on the logs and are archived every month. Nobody but me has access.┬áThis is compliant with the most recent legislation
  • If you write a comment on the site, depending on your specific requests (e.g. whether you wish to follow comments), the site will collect your e-mail address, URL, IP address, user ID if applicable (if you are a registered WordPress user), as well as site data. This data can help ensure your comment is posted, the site is protected against spam comments and for those of you that are registered users you can post from there. It also means, if selected by you, that you can receive updates on the comments
  • If you have signed up for the newsletter then your email address is collected so I can send it to you. You can unsubscribe at any time. Once emails are sent, information is collected on things like open rate and click through
  • Data is also collected for Google Analytics. This is to allow me to see how the website is doing, look at some key stats and see any highlights or issues. This data is permanently deleted by Google after 26 months

The legal basis for processing your data is as follows:

  • Consent: you have given clear consent for me to process your personal data for the specific purpose of sending you the Bringing Home The Baby newsletter
  • Legitimate Interest: the processing of your data is required if you have expressed a legitimate interest in subscribing to the newsletter, unless there is a good reason for me to not process your data for this reason in order to protect your personal data. Also, you have a legitimate interest in the website during your usage and as such your data is processed to help ensure the site runs correctly for you and I can maintain it correctly

As such, in relation to a newsletter subscription, I will retain your data for as long as you subscribe to the newsletter. If you unsubscribe your newsletter subscription email address will be deleted permanently.

This newsletter may contain sponsored posts (where I have been paid to write a post) or posts that I have written based on items which have been sent to me/used by me for free in exchange for a post. However, all thoughts will be mine and completely unbiased.

Any emails sent to me will be retained for as long as required to deal fully with the subject.

I, Kevin Laycock, am the data controller and data protection officer. I own and run the Bringing Home The Baby blog.

The data processors are:

  • Siteground website host company
  • WordPress
  • Jetpack plug in
  • Newsletter plug in
  • Yoast SEO plug in
  • SocialEngage plug in
  • Social Warfare plug in
  • SG Optimizer plug in

The only personal data being collected for the purpose of sending the newsletter is your e-mail address. No other data is collected for this purpose.

Your data will not be sent by me to anyone else at any time. As stated, some data will be used by plug ins run by other companies but they are all compliant with the most recent data regulations.

At any time you can request, under a Subject Access Request, what data Bringing Home The Baby holds on you. Once a request is received you will receive your data within thirty days.

You of course have the right to complain to any authority regarding the use of this data on this blog, such as the Information Commissioners Office.

If you have any queries regarding your newsletter subscription and associated data please contact me.


Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer or other device when websites load. Generally they are used to remember you and your preferences for your single website visit or future visits. They perform essential acts like making the functionality of the website work and help ensure a consistent experience for you on the website.

The first time you visit a website a cookie is downloaded by your computer. When you next visit that website it will look to see if you have a cookie and apply the settings stored in that cookie to help your experience on the website. For example, I have a pop up on my website to ask if you wish to subscribe to my newsletter. If you have closed this before the site will know it by looking at cookies.

Cookies can come from the Bringing Home The Baby website itself or from third parties, such as for website analytics.

Cookies are used on this website for technical reasons and could be set when you visit the page or take a particular action, eg click on a social media button. Some cookies are only set if you are a user.

Controlling Cookies

Please refer to your web browser for more information on controlling cookies as each provider can help you change how cookies are treated, such as how long they are retained. If you do disable cookies some features on this website may not work correctly.