Christmas 2019

So little N is nearly two now and we’ve just finished the Christmas season (and Clare is already making plans for the next one!) and I figured, even though I’ve not written a post in a while, it’s a great occasion to capture for N to look back over. It really seems to have flown since his first Christmas, I can’t believe how quick 2019 has gone (but we all say that right?).

Educating Early

This year we were determined to try and get N to know and a little bit about Christmas. We didn’t expect him to fully understand what’s going on but he would enjoy it so much more if he had an inkling.


So began the stories and decorations. Our decorations went up on the 1st December. They always do. We really enjoy the festive season and can’t wait until the 1st December each year to get them up, even if it’s in the evening after work. This year it was on a weekend thankfully.

He came down after his nap to be surrounded by lots of lights and decorations. It’s fair to say he was excited! The “Oh! There!” he yelled while looking at the lights gave away his excitement (plus the little jig on the spot!).

Then came the many books we have. Each night we would read him a Christmas story from the Nativity all the way to Kevin the Carrot. All in the hope of getting him to understand what was happening.

It did get to the point where we could ask him “who’s coming to our house tonight?”

“Santa!” he would reply.

“And what will Santa bring?”

“Presents” he would shout!

He gets the idea of it, well, at least the commercial part!

Having said that though, we did go out for a meal where he yelled to another table “baby Jesus” and pointed at their baby. Thankfully they didn’t hear him, but he’s learning the true meaning too!

We did spread food for the reindeers in the garden, and left a beer out for Santa too. We tried to leave chocolates for Santa but N was having none of that. No chance they were being left by N, so we had to quickly hide them!


Even N, who can easily lie in until 10am (yes, sorry about that…I can feel your eyes glaring at me!) got up at 8:30am! Maybe it was the excitement, but more than likely it was just one of those days and he wanted to get up.

After a quick cuddle in bed with Mummy and Daddy, it was time to go downstairs.

“Shall we go and see if Santa has left any presents for you?” we asked with the excitement you’d imagine.

“Ok” he said, in a tone like a bored teenager, and climbed off the bed.

Santa was very kind to him, as were his family. We waited for Nana (who was staying with us this Christmas) to come down too before really getting stuck in to the presents. I couldn’t possibly hope to capture everything he got on here, but some of the highlights were:

  • An electric Land Rover
  • A Paw Patrol bike (the kid is obsessed with Paw Patrol!)
  • A Paw Patrol scooter
  • A mini Dyson Hoover (he loves hoovering! Very handy if you ask me!)
  • A pirate ship
  • A rocket

He got so many things in addition to these too the lucky lad, we are so grateful to Santa and everyone who bought him something.

It was quite a revelation to be honest that he didn’t just open a present, put it aside and move on the the next one. Every single time he wanted to play with his present immediately. That’s why it took nearly two hours to open everything!

At least he didn’t just want to play with the boxes!

The Day

It was lovely to be invited to my brother and sister-in-laws for the traditional Christmas Dinner with the family. There were fourteen of us in total which is a mammoth effort on their part but they were very well organised and everything went amazingly well.

They even had individually tailored crackers that they had made with jokes, hats and proper presents, not that standard stuff you generally never use. I got a pair of Christmas socks in mine! It was a fab idea, made with some nice fabric wrapped around a tube and you unwrapped it like a present. Very creative!

We played, unwrapped some presents and spent time together as a family, as you do where possible at this time of year. N was an absolute star. For a child that isn’t yet two to go from 8:30am to about 8pm without having a nap (there was no chance of that happening!) and yet not whinging or crying is great in my books. His cousins were amazing at entertaining him!

The Festive Period

As I mentioned at the start, we kick off the festive period on the 1st December, and we covered a lot of ground this year.

We went to a Pantomime our niece was in. A great show and she did so well. N was also a bit of a star, entertaining people by doing the Hokey Cokey in the aisle! The people behind us actually said they were more interested in watching him than the Panto at times!

We had a family gathering for Christmas with my Clare’s side of the family too. The kids on her side are much younger than on my side, so we’re similar in some ways to N. The kids all loved the celebration, as we all did. It was lovely to see them all playing together.

In The Night Garden ride at CBeebies Land

We also went to CBeebies Land at Alton Towers. This was a one night stay in the CBeebies Land Hotel with access to the park and thankfully Santa was visiting so we got a chance to see him too.

The hotel was fab. It’s clear how they tailor everything for the toddlers. Stuff to play with everywhere, musical lifts, proper nappy bins, a small play area in the room. It really was great.

The park was fab too. The rides were good and obviously CBeebies themed so N was delighted. He was a bit short to go in some things but enjoyed what we could go on, like a Postman Pat ride and an In The Night Garden boat ride.

We also had another Panto where he did well to watch most of it (despite being tired) and got to meet Santa. It was a great night away that I’d highly recommend.

We also did the Kirklees Light Railway Santa Express again. I’ve reviewed this before and this year was basically the same set up so once again I’d say it was a great trip out which N really enjoyed (he loves trains!).

We did so many other things I could write so many posts, but you’d get bored so I won’t!

An Amazing Christmas

It’s evident how much better Christmas is when you’ve got kids. N isn’t even two yet (not far off!) and we were already getting really excited for him. Next year is going to be even more amazing!

However, this year was great, the best we could have hoped for.

So now it’s time to begin 2020. I can’t believe how quick that has come, and how soon it is to N’s birthday! An exciting year ahead I’m sure!


    1. We loved it, fantastic fun. They do everything so well there, really focusing on the little ones (as you’d expect!).

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